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Online courses


MasterClass programs currently available online include Dustin Hoffman (acting), James Patterson (writing), Usher (performance), Christina Aguilera (singing), Werner Herzog (filmmaking), Aaron Sorkin (screenwriting) and Kevin Spacey (acting).

Learn more at the site: MasterClass training programs


How I Booked 8 Acting RolesHow I Booked 8 Acting Roles On Major TV Shows in a Year

Instructor – Brennan Taylor – “I’ve got speaking roles in 10 network and cable television shows including Law and Order: SVU, Person of Interest, Blue Bloods, Mysteries of Laura (recurring role), Broad City, Flesh and Bone, Royal Pains, among others.

“I booked 6 national commercials since moving to New York City 3 years ago…”


Actors- Learn How To AuditionActors: Learn How To Audition For Film And Television

“Are you a really well trained actor, but you seem to stumble when it comes to auditioning?!

“Or, are you just starting out and need a road map to navigate the slippery slopes in Hollywood?

“How would you like a VIP pass to learn casting secrets on booking more acting jobs from one of the top Casting Directors? – Marci Liroff’s extensive credits as a casting director span more than 50 films.”


woman-red-dressPractical Steps to Overcoming Performance Anxiety

This is “a focused, effective, online course for any performer who wants to be more confident on stage.

“Professional dancers, musicians, actors, conductors, and aspiring performers are all welcome.

“This course will help you get rid of that unnecessary pain and suffering, and let you stay focused and positive before and during your upcoming show”

Luciane Cardassi is a professional concert pianist with a doctorate in Piano Performance and more than 2 decades of performance experience.


Acting schools, coaches, groups, and other resources


John Glover on acting classes:

John Glover“Right now I go to an acting class that I found, with a wonderful teacher named Milton Katselas… I was at a point several years ago. I was starting to not enjoy what I was doing.

“So I decided to sit in on a class. … It’s like I’m exercising my mind, just stretching myself.” 

From interview: A man for all seasons, The Weekly News May 19, 2005 – posted on

Related book: Dreams Into Action – by Milton Katselas

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Achieving excellence in your work

“Too many actors are looking for the quick fix. They change their hair, their name, they take expensive workshops in order to “network,” they concentrate all of their energies on getting an agent etc. and don’t spend enough time on becoming great actors.”

“If you are only about outward success—fame money etc., I promise that there will never be enough of it to fill you up—but if you concentrate on filling yourself with the magic of creation—of achieving excellence in your work, then not only will you have good chance of attracting the spoils of success, but if for some reason you don’t succeed, you have something: your craft, your passion, your self.”

Actor and teacher Jamie Rosefrom her site

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“I think that there are a lot of teachers out there who are on power trips and ego trips and truly believe that by demeaning people they can make [actors] work harder.

“Well, that will work for some people, and [for] some that will absolutely destroy them.”

Carolyne Barry, a Los Angeles commercial acting coach.

“There are some who have been doing it too long, and they lose their patience. But obviously there are actors who are getting benefit from those [coaches]. Otherwise they wouldn’t be there.”

From article “Crossing the Line – When does coaching go from constructive feedback to abusive criticism?” – By Nicole Kristal [on]

> Carolyne Barry is author of The Actor’s Guide To Getting the Job

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“If you have been able to experience your deepest pains, sorrows, joys fears, and then reveal them to another you are then free to utilize them in your work as an artist.

“This is the goal of all of artists, to help their audience experience the human condition.”

“To do this, actors must be willing to experience themselves and their feelings in ways other people are not willing.

“In doing this, they give their audience permission to do the same.”

John Ruskin

[Quotes and photo from The Ruskin School of Acting

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Michael Bofshever on auditioning:

“Actors need to give up wanting to get the job, give up the fantasy of where it may lead and how much money it’s going to pay. …

“Be as prepared as you can be, as ready to live off of the person in the room you’re auditioning with-and not to make excuses about, “Oh, that person doesn’t read well” …

“Whether you get cast or not is dependent upon things that are totally out of your control. For example, the way an actor may have experienced this is, they were running late for an audition, or just got there in the nick of time and just does it.

“Or you get into an audition and your feeling sick and you couldn’t care about anything other than you can’t wait to go back to your house and get into bed. And what you’ve done is given up the burden of trying to get the job.”

Felicity Huffman“I was listening to Felicity Huffman [right], who won an Emmy for Desperate Housewives, and she talked about her audition for the role and told the story that she was so rattled because her kids at home were all over the place. …

“She just went in and auditioned because she had to go back and deal with her kids back at the house. …

“And many actors have found they’ve gotten work because of that.”

Michael Bofshever  [From Actors Ink interview.]

His book – with a chapter on auditioning with “twenty, thirty actors that talk about it” : Your Face Looks Familiar… How to Get Ahead as a Working Actor

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Coaches / teachers

Ace Your Audition is an online resource for aspiring actors, aimed at helping them improve their audition technique. “Be that actor who always books the job with my simple and practical advice.” – Adam J. Wahlberg, Founder, Ace Your Audition – [Los Angeles] Accent/Audition coach: “Learn the tools Great Actors use in their performances. Exude confidence, charm and competence.”

The Actors’ Enterprise “is a one-on-one coaching service that provides affordable career coaching to the thousands of New York (NYC) actors who want to feel more fulfilled and in control of their careers. We help actors set goals, organize their business, and create a plan of action with easy tools that can take them to the next level, no matter where they are starting from.” Erin Cronican, Founder / Coach

The Actors Workshop – Los Angeles
Under the direction of veteran Film Actor and Coach R.J. Adams this long time Film/Television acting school is one of the oldest and most respected in Southern California

The Actors Workshop – Orange County
“Established in the late 70’s, this very prominent Film/Television acting school under the direction of Rob Adams has seen dozens of their actors rise to stardom over the past 3 decades.”

Cynthia Bain’s Young Actor Studio*[Los Angeles]
“Cutting-edge training and coaching for today’s young actor.”

Joanne Baron / D.W. Brown Studio**[Los Angeles]
The studio “is a creative artistic center from which great art and talent continue to flow. All those individuals who are inspired to train at the highest level in order that they may learn a craft intended to shed light on the truth of the human condition and at the same time experience an extraordinarily nurturing, creative environment are encouraged and welcomed to apply.”

Michael Bofshever Studio *[Los Angeles]
> Author of Your Face Looks Familiar… : How to Get Ahead as a Working Actor

Angela Campolla Acting Studio*[Los Angeles]
Learn the secrets of audition acting from an experienced Casting Director with 20 years as an Acting Coach.”

Creative Combustion Acting Studio   [Los Angeles]
Joshua Finkel, Acting Coach and Director [phone coaching available]

Peter Kelley Acting   [Tribeca, New York]
“Professional acting training for film and television. Peter offers rigorous, ongoing classes for actors who are pursuing careers in film and long-form dramatic television and are seeking training to increase their proficiency and comfort on-set.”

Ken Lerner [Los Angeles] “has been an actor on stage, in films and television for over 27 years…”

Michael Margotta – tours Europe, Asia and North America – classes and workshops.

The Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio [Los Angeles] “developed to empower actors with a dependable and exciting technique, inspiring spontaneity, emotional availability and consistency.”

Neblett Acting Studio[Richmond, VA] – “offers a range of method-based acting training for all levels, as well as, acting news and links in the Virginia area.”

Natalia Nogulich *[Los Angeles] Scene Study Class. “I have been teaching Acting for over a decade.  Having studied with Stella Adler and David Mamet, I teach Stanislavski Technique as well as Meisner.”

Steve North The Comedy Coach**[Los Angeles]

Stuart Rogers’ Acting Studios**[Los Angeles]  “I feel that listening is a key to good acting, and Stuart guides his actors to a striking level of connection, listening, and responding.” Allison Janney (“West Wing” etc.)

Voiceart by Matt Walters voiceover classes**[Los Angeles]

Yellow Roses Productions*[Los Angeles] / Debra Watson – coaching & classes for adults, teens and kids

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Groups / Schools

Acting Corps**[Los Angeles]
“As far as Los Angeles acting schools go, actors should look for two things. One: practical, expert, daily, training to prepare you to work in film and television. And two: a challenging environment to support and encourage you to LEAVE the classroom and the school and find acting work. We do this at the Actors’ Boot Camp and at The Acting Corps. Check it out – if not now, when?”

The Acting Place**[Los Angeles] – A Community for Actors – Actor Resources, Industry News and Casting Information

The Actors Center**[Los Angeles]
“Training as an actor can be the most challenging, the most engaging, and significantexperience of a lifetime.”  Michael Scott Butler

The Actors’ Gang**[Hollywood]

The Actors’ Network
“Hollywood is a smash-and-grab town. People like to believe in their minds that they’re coming here to build a career, but, for the most part, most people I’ve met are really just here to give it a shot for a few years and see what happens. … The only way that you’re going to create a balanced actor life is if you decide, ‘Hey, this is my home.'”  Kevin E. West
– actor & president

AIA Actor’s Studio**[Burbank]

Andrew Wood Acting Studio*[Los Angeles]
Andrew Wood, MFA, Yale School of Drama. “A great actor offers audiences a radiant, transfixing presence, whether on screen or on stage. This actor can reveal the depths of the human experience and, in the process, invite audiences to rediscover their own humanity.”

Atlantic Theater Company and School**[New York]

bang   – a teaching studio and performance space dedicated to the ongoing study of improvisation. – Actor’s Headquarters
“Acting Resources for Actors & Actresses… everything you need to start or maintain a successful acting career
in film theater commercials or television.”

California State Summer School for the Arts CSSSA

Cry Havoc Company**[New York] **“a resource for young theater directors, actors, and playwrights.”

The Comedy Circle
“a place for comics of all levels of experience from first timers to established headliners to interact,
network, and find ways to create a better environment for comics.”

Connection Theatre Company**[New York]**“We are an artistic collective committed to providing Actors, Directors, Writers and Designers the opportunity to grow in their craft.

Creative Actors Alliance
We are a group of Los Angeles based actors that have banded together to take charge of our careers, and provide a motivation and support system for each other and our projects. Based on the old saying, our motto is “The Industry helps those who help themselves!”

DAP Ensemble**[New York] **“to provide a supportive and educational environment for Directors, Actors and Playwrights within an atmosphere of professionalism. DAP encourages its theatre artists to live their craft to the fullest expression of their passion for and potential in the theatre.”

Developing Artists  [New York]
“Our purpose is to provide young artists with the tools to succeed as working actors, musicians and writers in the theater community. Through classes in playwriting, acting and improvisation students are exposed to fundamental theater arts techniques designed to build confidence, explore self-expression, empower their creative voice and instill professionalism.”

Deviate Studios “is a Los Angeles based acting studio with our day-to-day focus is development of the students in our scene study, screenwriting, production, and hosting & broadcast classes. The Studio’s production clique advocates work done in class and the talent of our students as we collaborate, develop, produce, finance, and distribute original films, all in-house, with industry professionals.

“To learn more, and for a Free Audit and Free Month of class, visit

DiaTribe  “a collective of writers and actors creating original works for stage and film… meets weekly
to workshop members’ new and in-progress works.”   [Hollywood, CA]

Edgemar Center For The Arts   [Santa Monica CA]
“serves as collaborative rehearsal and performance space open to artists of all disciplines and experience levels. It is a space in which professional and classical theater productions, dance performances, visual arts and films collaborate with independent, experimental, and student works in various stages of development. Additionally, ECA serves all facets of the Westside community by offering public arts programs. The programs include ticketed performances and educational outreach courses for children and senior citizens.”

The Factory – “is full of hard workers, devoted to creating inspired and exciting projects in the dramatic arts. We are all actors, but more accurately, we are artists. We came together in L.A. to act on our constant need to create, perform, explore, succeed, fail, challenge, raise issues, learn and grow.” **[Los Angeles]

Fresh Bread Productions**[New York]

Gail A. Stocker Presents
“is a Los Angeles-based comedy consulting company designed to find comics and performers
for corporate events anywhere in the world.”

The Groundlings

Holebrain Productions**[New York / LA] “an ensemble of artists dedicated to making theatre in its own time, with its own signature, with its own power tools.”

Hollywood North – Acting & Modeling
“Hollywood North helps actors, models, photographers, casting directors and talent agents communicate more efficiently with each other.  Actors and models have the ability to create personal portfolios which include photographs for the talent industry to access. Hollywood North offers a variety of benefits to its community and refreshing content that keeps pace with the entertainment industry.”

IO West – the Los Angeles arm of the ImprovOlympic in Chicago

The Juilliard School

L.A. Stand-Up Comedy Boot Camp
Award-winning TV producer Joe Falzarano’s standup workshop offers a fresh alternative to the standard “academic” style classes. You’ll get the insiders perspective from the guy who spent 10 years developing comics while running NYC’s Original Improv and Carolines and produces comedy TV for HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, and more.”

Laurel Springs School
“Some schools label themselves home schools, independent study programs, distance learning programs, individualized education programs (IEPs), Virtual Schools or online/web-based learning. At Laurel Springs, we integrate all these components to provide students with an educational experience that is supportive and personalized.

Los Angeles County High School for the Arts

Los Angeles Theatresports: The Improvisational Theater Company

Marnie Cooper School of Acting
“Marnie Cooper has been teaching acting for the past twenty years. A former child actor and longtime student of acting herself, Marnie has won much acclaim for her work with children and has been featured on national television and in popular print media. She has developed her own unique and phenomenally effective way of teaching acting to children and teenagers…”

Michael Cooke Acting School
Private acting classes for audition preparation and acting technique in Santa Monica and Los Angeles.


Michelle Danner Acting Studio

The Michelle Danner Los Angeles Acting School at Edgemar Center for the Arts, is “one of the top Performing Arts Schools in Los Angles, CA.

“Michelle Danner’s acting techniques encompasses Meisner, Strasberg, Adler, Hagen, Chekhov, & the Stanislavsky Technique.


“Take a tour of the school :

“See student testimonials:

“Michelle Danner is an actress and acting coach. Her student list include James Franco, Gerard Butler, Christian Slater, Penelope Cruz, Zooey Deschanel, Salma Hayek,Gabrielle Union, and numerous others. She teaches internationally in Europe, Toronto, Vancouver, Dubai, Los Angeles and New York.”

For free information session about classes and to meet with Michelle Danner, call (310)392-0815  OR email INFO@EDGEMAR.ORG

2437 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405


National Arts and Disability Center program list
Visual, Performing, and Multidisciplinary Arts Programs and Classes for Children and Adults with Disabilities
in the Greater Los Angeles Region

The New School for Drama “is a rigorous, collaborative conservatory program for theater artists leading to the master of fine arts degree in acting, directing, or playwriting. The faculty includes some of the finest theater professionals in the United States. The New School, a private university in New York City’s Greenwich Village, has had a theater arts curriculum since 1945, when it gave a home to Erwin Piscator’s Dramatic Workshop. The graduate drama school, established 1994, has become a vibrant center of theater innovation.”

New York Film Academy – Acting School: Los Angeles Campus – “At the Academy’s Acting School in Los Angeles, students of all experience levels study the craft of acting for film in the heart of Hollywood at the Academy’s campus adjacent to Universal Studios. This allows students the unparalleled opportunity to practice acting for film on professional film sets.”

Phantom Projects
“is a new form of peer activism created by a 17-year old in 1997 that utilizes live theatre productions and real teens to promote healthy decision-making and positive living to teens throughout Southern California. In addition to bringing motivational shows to school campuses, churches, and youth groups, the teen troupe performs theatrical classics to sell-out audiences at the 1,264 seat La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts such as The Diary of Anne Frank, Our Town, and The Miracle Worker.”

Playhouse West **[Los Angeles]
“.. a training ground for actors, writers and directors founded by Robert Carnegie and Jeff Goldblum in 1981. As an adjunct to our on-going acting classes, we produce plays in repertory, using exclusively our current students, which are directed by.. staff members and students. Playhouse West is also intrinsic in the production of film projects, from feature lengths to shorts.”

The Ruskin School of Acting **[Los Angeles]
Sir Anthony Hopkins has been hosting voluntary classes at Santa Monica, California’s
Ruskin School Of Acting on weekends… Teaching everything from Shakespeare, Chekhov
and Pinter to scenes, theory and monologues, Hopkins often stays long after the three-hour
classes to work with students one-on-one. [ celebrity news 16 Jan. 2002]

The Sanford Meisner Center **[North Hollywood]

“offers part and full time programs for film and television acting taught by Cannes award winning and Emmy nominated professionals. The instruction is results oriented and we take great pride in mentoring our students to the careers they want.” [Vancouver, B.C.]

The Second City Training Center / Los Angeles   “is a natural outgrowth of a rich educational heritage. Based on the work of Viola Spolin, Second City’s scholastic explorations have advanced the disciplines of acting and comedy. Ms. Spolin’s “Theater Games” are a dynamic influence in theatrical training across America.”

“.. shortens the path between the entertainment professionals and the young talent looking for roles. ShowBizKid caters to Actors, Models, Talent Scouts, Parents, Managers, Agents, Casting Directors, Directors, Producers, Ad Agencies, Theaters, and all other affiliated businesses. Additionally, we post all available auditions in film, television, theater, commercials, voiceovers, print, and other media. Our systems utilize the most advanced technology to enable online, real-time updates with no additional costs to our members.”

Theatre League Alliance of Southern California

Theatre of Arts – Performing Arts Academy **[Los Angeles]

Theatricum Botanicum**[Los Angeles]

West Coast Ensemble**[Los Angeles]
“a multi-ethnic company of professional actors, writers, directors and technicians working together to produce a full four-show MainStage Season and a Parallel Season of smaller, challenging plays, as well as Studio Series productions.”

The Young Actors Studio*[Los Angeles] “We are one of the best acting schools in Los Angeles for young people, founded in 1996, by Jeff Alan-Lee. We provide our acting students with the opportunity to discover, nurture and explore their own uniqueness and merge that into the script to stand out on the set or on stage.”

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Other resources – “provides actors with a weekly 4-5 minute podcast on issues related to acting and monthly book review of a book that actors should read.  In my teaching I stress the development of the imagination and creativity and my work is informed by my training in acting, aikido, and horsemanship.” Eric Barr

The Acting Website -The UK’s Free Entertainment Directory – a new special contacts directory for the Film, Theatre TV and Radio industry.

ActorNation – “an exciting, FREE newsletter.. once a month. Every issue is jam-packed with:
* Acting Articles    * Product Reviews    * ActorTrack Tips-n-Hints    * User Spotlights    * Special Offers

A Minor Consideration**[Los Angeles]“a non-profit organization formed to give aid and support to child actors – past, present and future.” industry publication

Between Gigs in New York “Provides Actors Free Remote and Part-time Jobs Information to Pursue a Creative Career and Supplement Their Income!”

Former Child Star Central

Hollywood Success – APS / Associated Producers Services, Actors Promotional Services, and APS Productions… “a networking organization, a support system, and a highly effective “marketing machine” for Entertainment Industry professionals — producers, directors, casting directors, agents, managers, entertainment attorneys, film financiers, and a limited number of professional actors and actresses.”

IADB free websites for actors. ” Two biggest reasons why actors say “no” to a professional website are:
I have no time to do it – and – it’s too expensive. Let’s put it this way. It takes an average person 40 seconds to read these three paragraphs out loud. In comparison, it takes an average person 76 seconds to build a FREE professional actor website with IADB.”

Internet Movie Database – the major listing of titles [film, tv, other], crew, release info etc

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