Emily Blunt on showing her real side and being balanced

“I think I’m starting to show the real side of myself in my roles.”

Emily Blunt adds, “People have told me my recent movies are the most like me.”

Her current movie “The Five-Year Engagement” is her first broad romantic comedy, a genre she had resisted a long time out of fear over playing “the pill girlfriend.”

“I was so sick to death of reading scripts where the girl’s like, the pill girlfriend who just sits at home wearing hot pants being like, ‘Oh, honey, you’re so weird!’ and the guy is having these amazing comedic moments,” Blunt said.

She feels fortunate to have a work-life balance that many accomplished and talented people in entertainment don’t.

“Most of my day, I try not to allow that paranoia that is so much a part of this industry consume me,” she said.

“I haven’t invested everything emotionally I have in this business. I don’t define myself by being an actress.”

From article: Blunt approach to film? Be real by Amy Kaufman, Los Angeles Times April 28, 2012.

Photo from Emily Blunt Official Facebook Page [apparently a fan page]

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