Jackie Earle Haley & Kate Winslet: Self-esteem and identity and being an actor

Jackie Earle Haley in Little Children

Jackie Earle Haley achieved an Oscar nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in Todd Field’s “Little Children.” His reaction was enthusiastic: “Jubilation. Pure unbelievable joy. This is a day of all days.”

Fellow “Children” nominee Kate Winslet recalled his audition for the director: “We read together; he gave the most breathtaking audition I’ve ever seen in my life. And Todd gave him the job on the spot.” [Hollywood Reporter Jan 23, 2007]

He has also commented: “I started acting when I was 5 years old.

“And I was pretty well known for a while. Your self-esteem and your identity start to become wrapped up in that celebrity, and when that starts to fade away, your self-esteem and your identity start to fade away with it.

“Those roles that I played and the success that I had, that is not who I am. It’s part of who I am, but it’s not everything. So when it drifts away and you start to feel increasingly insecure, it’s kind of a long battle out of that.”

“That transition from child to adult actor is so incredibly elusive,” he adds.

“The roles that were coming to me as a young adult were not that great, but I was taking them anyway to pay the rent. And the more bad roles in bad movies I took, the less anybody wanted me for a good role in a good movie.”

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Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet said of her acclaim for “Little Children”:

“I literally feel like I’ve never been nominated for anything before in my life.

“You don’t understand, I am a girl from a small town in England who was told that she might have a career in acting if she was happy to settle for playing fat parts.” [Entertainment Weekly Feb 2, 2007]

That kind of experience early in life can endure as self-critical thoughts and insecurity, especially for sensitive people.

Winslet has admitted that before a movie shoot, she still sometimes thinks, “I’m a fraud, and they’re going to fire me… I’m fat; I’m ugly.”

[From post: Actors and Self esteem.]

Highly creative and talented people are, according to research, often susceptible to perfectionism and unreasonably high standards and expectations that can lead to exaggerated self-criticism.

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