Monica Raymund: being relaxed about the audition got her the role

Monica RaymundMonica Raymund trained four years at the Juilliard School of drama, and performed at the Broadway Theatre Project in Tampa, before winning her role on the drama series “Lie to Me” as an expert in nonverbal communication.


“I just really didn’t think I was any good on TV,” she says, despite a short resume that also includes a part last year on NBC’s Law & Order: SVU.

She comments about her audition:

“I just knew I wasn’t going to get it, so I was so relaxed about the audition that I got it. The same thing happened with my audition for Juilliard . . . if I don’t take it seriously, I tend to do better.”

About tv acting, she says, “I know it sounds silly, but it takes some time getting used to all the cameras in your face. I think it’s like playing jazz.

“After I learn the rules, I can have fun and play a little bit.”

From article St. Petersburg native, ‘Lie To Me’ co-star Monica Raymund ready to put in the work, By Eric Deggans, St. Petersburg Times, Jan 24, 2009.