Vera Farmiga: “What interests me, are the contradictions..”

Vera Farmiga

A newspaper article interviewed Vera Farmiga on her work in “The Departed” as an example of her work.

“Most of what I want to dwell on with all my characters, what interests me, are the contradictions, the inconsistencies of characters and the insecurity and confusion and fear which we all have,” she said

‘With her ability to disappear into her roles, Farmiga is perhaps the quintessential character actress. Oscar often has trouble recognizing such talent. But unlike some, she doesn’t mind the label.

“As opposed to what – leading lady? I giggle because I think they’re such archetypal characters. Absolutely I would prefer being considered a character actress than a leading lady, quote unquote. But those are such Hollywood terms from the ’40s. I don’t know if they’re even applicable anymore.”‘

[Los Angeles Times / The Envelope Nov 8 2006]

A number of other highly talented actors have talked about exploring their character’s dark sides and inconsistencies – and those qualities in real life.

Mainstream media may subtly – or not so subtly – disparage and discount the artistic value of acting to explore human nature.


Article publié pour la première fois le 12/06/2015