Secrets of the Actor – a podcast

By guest author Elaine Elrod

Elaine ElrodI am an aspiring actor and singer and am also the host and creator of Dramatic Impact: Acting and Theatre in Alberta.

Dramatic Impact is a podcast that through video and audio recordings of interviews, forums, and performances, reveals how rich and vibrant the theatre scene is in Alberta, Canada.

Although the podcast is of special interest to Albertans, I also believe that each episode contains insights and ideas that are of interest to theatre and acting enthusiasts everywhere. This is confirmed by the fact that the podcast has a small but loyal audience that includes listeners from 20 different countries.

As an actor and host of a theatre podcast, I am fascinated by how my development as a person is influenced by my development as an actor and also by the role that actors play in society.

These are themes that fit in very well with the focus of The Inner Actor. So when I discovered Douglas’ site, I wrote to him about my “Secrets of the Actor” episodes.

“Secrets of the Actor” Parts 1 and 2 contain a series of interviews with six different actors. During the interviews, I asked each actor what insights they had gained about other aspects of their life through their acting, and I got some fascinating answers.

You can download or listen to these episodes on the Dramatic Impact web site:
Episode 7: Secrets of the Actor, Part 1 and Episode 8: Secrets of the Actor, Part 2.

And now, you can listen to Secrets of the Actor, Part 3, which is being released for the first time here on The Inner Actor. You can listen right here on the site or download the .mp3 file.

In Part 3, I talk about some of my own ideas. Specifically, I focus on two ways that the pursuit of acting can give us insight into our own lives and can influence our personal development.

I also briefly discuss how this relates to an actor`s ability to touch the minds and hearts of an audience.

I hope you enjoy these three audio episodes of Dramatic Impact.

Please use the comments to let me know how you think the pursuit of acting has affected your development as a person and enriched your life.

[Text and audio copyright Elaine Elrod. Published here by permission.]



Article publié pour la première fois le 09/04/2015