Hollywood competition – Amanda Peet: “There’s room for everybody”

Amanda Peet has commented about the competition among actors:

Amanda Peet“Sometimes I feel competitive when I see somebody else in a movie that’s really beautiful and really big, or when I’m vying for a role and I can’t get in and it’s the usual suspects — Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Connelly, all great actresses.

“Then I feel like a loser and I get sad.

“And then other times I feel really happy with where I am. There’s room for everybody. … I don’t have a feeling of wanting to be more famous. I have a feeling of wanting to be a better actor. …

“[I love] the moments where you feel like you’re that person and you’re not in your head at all. It’s like nothing else in the world.”

[Hollywood Life, Nov/Dec 2005]

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