Kevin Spacey Teaches Acting – “Stepping into someone else’s shoes”

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey comments in his MasterClass video below:

“The craft of acting is to step into someone else’s shoes, someone else’s ideas.

“To look at something in a mirror and not see ourselves and not feel weird but feel free.”

In his first online course, the star of The Usual Suspects, American Beauty and House of Cards “teaches you the approach that has won him two Academy Awards.”

In an interview for IndieWire, Spacey commented:

“Keeping things ambiguous is sometimes much more interesting to watch for an audience, than things that are just black and white.

“I think it’s one of the reasons audiences have always embraced complexity.”

Here is another short video about his advice and perspectives on being a successful actor. He comments:

“When I started out, the people that I hang out with… you go to a bar and actors talk and you get a little drunk.

“And it was very interesting that I started to see a kind of pattern, there was a certain kind of person who was really energized and hopeful, believed in themselves and believed in the craft and loved it, and talked about it in in really passionate ways that I found inspiring and moving. And I liked them as people.

“But there was another kind of person, too…”

Learn more and sign up for Kevin Spacey Teaches Acting – a MasterClass.

MasterClass programs currently available online also include Dustin Hoffman (acting), James Patterson (writing), Usher (performance), Christina Aguilera (singing), Werner Herzog (filmmaking), Aaron Sorkin (screenwriting).

Upcoming classes include Annie Leibovitz (photography).




Article publié pour la première fois le 25/08/2016