Michael O’Keefe, Mindfulness and Acting

Claire Danes and Michael O'Keefe in Homeland

Michael O’Keefe writes in an article of his: “The first day I came to work with Claire Danes on the set of season four of Homeland, it was immediately clear to me that all of Danes’ accolades and awards were well deserved.

“Her persona is lucid, grounded, and empowered at the highest level. And for the first time in a long time I had the feeling that I needed to raise my usual game plan to another level.

“Frankly, she kind of scared me. So strong was the power of her focus that I had a real moment of gut check that felt something like, “Hey, are we ready? Because she sure as hell is.”

Michael O'Keefe“After the initial shock I saw this for what it really was: an excellent opportunity to approach my work mindfully.”

He adds,

“I learned as much about mindfulness from her as I have from any teacher, though she and I never discussed mindfulness at all.

“We didn’t have to. She was supremely mindful in her approach and that mindfulness was pervasive.”

From Listening Is No Act By Michael O’Keefe, Mindful mag. July 21, 2015.

Photos are from Facebook/Michael O’Keefe.

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