Brandon Routh on Biohacking and Bulletproof

Brandon Routh

Brandon Routh was interviewed by Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof: Power Mind and Body. He commented:

“Being on a bulletproof diet, cleaning out my brain function has been really pretty groundbreaking for my work. I mean part of being an actor is memorization, and being also in the moment. You have to memorize and there are various ways you can go through the process when memorizing.

“I’ve tried a lot of them. One thing that I noticed is when I do my work and look at my lines and kind of dissect and find the emotional parts in the scene, I go through it a couple of times in the night before and in the morning and when I get to work often times over the last year I found that it just there, it’s there and it’s at my beck and call. I don’t have force it.

“I find when I do try to force it, when I get worried, when I tense up right before they are going to say action, remember this line remember this line, then that’s when I … Everything tenses up and I will stumble or I’ll lose a line or I’ll flux the way I’m speaking.

“When I just relax and just go, no I got it, because I do it comes out and also wonderful things happen with the body relaxes and improvisation all that, it just takes a little natural humanistic things, humanisms come out which is just that’s what you want as an actor.”

Here is a short audio excerpt from the interview on the Bulletproof site:

To hear the full podcast or read transcript, visit the site of Bulletproof: Power Mind and Body – click ‘Read the blog’ to find the podcast: “Brandon Routh: Hacking Hollywood & Avoiding Kryptonite – 162.”

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Bulletproof: The State of High Performance

Dave Asprey

The Art Of Biohacking

In his Consciousness Engineering class “The Art Of Biohacking,” Mindvalley CEO Vishen Lakhiani interviewed Dave Asprey [above], founder of Bulletproof.

Vishen commented: “So I was in the heart of Silicon Valley a couple of months ago. And I was on a tour of synthetic biology labs with a bunch of major investors.

“And these were some of the brightest men in the world. And they started talking about how they were hacking their coffee drinking. Rather than just drink a regular cup of coffee, they were actually drinking a unique type of coffee that they called Bulletproof Coffee.

“And they were saying that this particular type of coffee was really accelerating their productivity in the morning. It was helping them think more clearer. One was even saying that this coffee made him more intelligent. So I asked what is Bulletproof Coffee, and where did you hear about it? And he told me about a man called Dave Asprey.

Bulletproof“Dave is a Silicon Valley investor. He’s an entrepreneur. He’s a technologist. But Dave, in many circles, is known as one of the world’s foremost biohackers.

Biohacking is the idea of hacking your body and brain – the physical you – to optimize your performance. And Bulletproof Coffee is just one of the many new ideas Dave has given the world that people are raving about.”

[In addition to supplements, you can find multiple podcasts and posts on the site, such as “Dr. Stephanie Seneff: Glyphosate Toxicity”; “Jia Jiang: Seeking Rejection, Overcoming Fear & Entrepreneurship”; “Emily Morse (Sex with Emily): Orgasms, Kegels & Sexology”; “Robert Mckee: Master the Art of Storytelling” – and many more.]

In her Fast Company article Bulletproof Coffee, The New Power Drink Of Silicon Valley, Courtney Rubin writes:

“Actress Shailene Woodley tweeted about it (“one of the greatest of human achievements”), Jimmy Fallon discussed it with Maya Rudolph on his show, and Silicon Valley execs such as Dan Scholnick, a partner at Trinity Ventures, are so addicted they travel with coffee-making equipment (whole beans, a grinder, an Aeropress, and a battery-operated milk frother), plus butter (Scholnick freezes it the night before) and the MCT oil.”

“I’ve made Bulletproof coffee on a plane at 30,000 feet,” Scholnick says, noting that a little tube of MCT oil is “under 3 ounces.” Scholnick even invited Asprey to talk to the some 50 CEOs of Trinity’s portfolio companies. “He’s had the biggest impact on my life of anyone in the past five years,” Scholnick says.”

Rubin notes Dave Asprey is opening a Bulletproof coffee shop in Santa Monica, CA, and his book The Bulletproof Diet [available on his site] includes “weight-loss testimonials from Jeremy Piven (who had his coffee on the Entourage movie set made for him by Bulletproof team members) and Brandon Routh.”

Brandon Routh and Danielle Panabaker tweet re Bulletproof Coffee

Brandon Routh and Karl Yune

Visit the Bulletproof: The State of High Performance site for coffee kits and multiple performance supplements — and click ‘Visit the blog’ for posts and podcasts – including “Brandon Routh: Hacking Hollywood & Avoiding Kryptonite – 162.”


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