Austin Highsmith: wanting to act more than anything

A news article described a journey that many committed actors experience. Here are some excerpts:

Austin HighsmithAustin Highsmith finally landed her first big break as a guest star on CBS’ “Ghost Whisperer.”

But as luck had it, her episode aired the same week the writers strike began. Hardly any Hollywood honchos saw it.

“Four years of work came to a screeching halt,” said the actress, who has appeared in numerous smaller television and movie roles.

Highsmith is one of thousands of actors still recovering from this winter’s strike but nevertheless clinging to their ambitions despite sputtering television and film production schedules that make their normally slim-to-none odds that much smaller. …

And even in the event of a strike, she could still act at the theater and take classes at the Ruskin School of Acting, all of which feeds her creative soul.

“I’m not one to say, ‘Hey, let’s not stand up for our rights.’ – I just want to act more than anything.”

From article Actress faces tough Hollywood script by Lynn Smith, Los Angeles Times May 16, 2008.

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Austin Highsmith has many acting credits – see her imdb page.


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