Dustin Hoffman: ‘Will I ever work again?’

Dustin Hoffman

A journalist noted that Dustin Hoffman “likes an anecdote, especially a self-deprecating one, which most are.”

Hoffman talked about his movie Runaway Jury, with Gene Hackman:

“After the last day of shooting, we went to a restaurant, and sat at the bar. Hackman said, ‘Let’s get drunk.’ And we started drinking.

“He looked me right in the eye and said, ‘Do you get the same feeling I get at the end of a film?’ And I said, ‘What’s that?’ And he said, ‘As if you’re never going to work again?’

“So it’s not that you’re never going to do another good piece of work. It’s that you’re never going to be hired again. And that’s a constant fear. Is this it?”

From Dustin Hoffman: ‘I worry I’ll never work again’ by Tim Robey, The Telegraph 9 July 2015.

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Impostor syndrome

Educator and author Valerie Young addresses impostor syndrome among professionals:

“I’ve heard from or worked with countless men who suffer terribly from their fraud fears…”

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