Break the rules – Jodie Foster on good rules and not so good

Jodie Foster – from her article Lesson From a Young Actress:

Jodie Foster and Abigail BreslinWhen I was little, my mother had a host of rules of “gentlemanly” behavior that you had to follow on a movie set if you wanted to be labeled a “professional.”

Of course, Mom was wrong about a lot of things. As I have grown older, I’ve learned to keep the good rules and punt the others.

For example, “You must always hang up your costume after you’re wrapped” and “You must never be late.” Good rules.

But here’s her big mistake: “You must always serve the director. It’s his movie and his vision that you are honoring. So always, always try to accommodate any note that he or she gives you, even if you think it’s wrong.”

That one’s tricky. I’ve learned there is a gray area between truly collaborating with a director and following his every edict.

I’m happy to say I have learned a few lessons from the young performers with whom I’ve worked during the course of my 43 years in the entertainment business. One of my best teachers was Abigail Breslin..

Continued in Lesson From a Young Actress, by Jodie Foster.

Photo: Jodie Foster with Abigail Breslin – they worked together in Nim’s Island (2008).


Article publié pour la première fois le 11/09/2015