Agnes Bruckner on the best acting advice

Agnes Bruckner in The ReturnedAgnes Bruckner commented in an interview:

“The best acting advice I’ve ever been given is from my friend Cary Elwes, who I’ve worked with three different times now on different movies.

“He told me…it was actually about playing Anna Nicole Smith, ’cause I was super, super nervous about playing that character [in 2013’s ‘Anna Nicole’] because it was so opposite of me and I’d never played a character like that before.

“He told me, ‘If you’re scared of it, do it.’

“And it was so true, because you can’t be scared, and if you are, you’ve got to do it.

“I’m a very nervous and shy person in real life and so I kind of have to push myself a little extra to let go and go for it, and nine times out of 10 I’m super happy when that happens.”

From interview: “Agnes Bruckner on the Best Acting Advice She’s Ever Been Given” By Rebecca Strassberg, May 12, 2015, on [click on the ‘News & Reviews’ tab]


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“I don’t like being stagnant. I want to continue to grow and just be better at what I do, and the only way to do that is to keep stepping outside of your comfort zone.”Vanessa Hudgens

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