Terrence Howard: “to discover more truths”

Terrence HowardReferring to his role of Brick in the Broadway revival of Tennessee Williams’ “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (directed by Debbie Allen),” Terrence Howard said:

“I always tell directors, ‘The role I want is the role I can’t accomplish, the thing that’s going to make me fail.’ Every warrior is looking for that fight that he won’t win. And I’m finding it.”

A Los Angeles Times article noted that he “expresses a certain discomfort with the flash of the paparazzi bulbs and red carpet.”

“I feel like I’ve slipped into a moral quagmire. I’m being pulled into some shadowy places, discovering some very dark things in my nature on this road. I’d do anything I could to sprout wings and rise above…just go back to being a contractor, laying some stones somewhere — the time before Terrence Howard ever existed. I feel like I’m strangling the real Terrence on a daily basis.”

At one point, he notes that he takes on roles “to discover more truths about myself.”

Continued in article Terrence Howard is ready for a new fight, by Patrick Pacheco, March 2, 2008.


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