Ellen Muth on living in the real world

Liev Schreiber once commented on emotional isolation as an actor:

“Acting kind of insulates you from the world. Ironically you go into this job that you think is going to allow you to be expressive to people and to connect to the world.

“And the more successful you are in a strange way, the less emotionally connected you are and the less often people emotionally connect to you.”

[From a Los Angeles Times article, Jan 16 2005 – about directing his adaptation of the Jonathan Safran Foer novel “Everything Is Illuminated”.]

Ellen Muth

Ellen Muth says one of the reasons she didn’t move to L.A. was to be more connected to a world away from the filmmaking world.

“I wanted to stay out of the whole twenty four hour party scene, the whole atmosphere..

“I mean Hollywood is just this industry, and if you don’t live outside of that world, you never have anything to learn from, to use as real characters.

“TV and film is not based on actors, it’s based on real people, and living in Connecticut, I meet people who are not in this industry. Living in L.A. I would never have had that chance to see and experience and create new characters.”

[From Just Push Play audio interview, Jan 2008.]


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