Jaime Pressly on fame

Kept in a box

Jaime Pressly“Too many people want to get rich and famous and do it quick,” Jaime Pressly said in an interview article.

“To get anywhere you have to be focused, ambitious, headstrong and really, really want it. It won’t come on a silver platter, and it won’t last long…

“I started [acting] 13 years ago — there’s girls who started when they were 10, 9, and once they became 16 or 18 or 21, no one wanted them to grow up. They went leaps and bounds beyond what they need to do, whether a photo shoot because they wanted to show they weren’t a little girl any more, or they go rebel…”

She adds that the entertainment business “has a way of putting you in a closet and locking you in, and after a while you get claustrophobic. You kick the door down and you come out with a vengeance…

Support could make the difference

“That’s what happens with everyone who grows up in the business. They feel like they’re being yelled at. They think of what they’re going to do to prove you wrong. And they say the wrong thing and make the wrong move and regret it.

“But had they not been pushed, they may not have been that way. If we would support each other and support other celebrities — and if the press would support people long enough to grow up and try new things without pigeonholing them — things might be a lot easier.”

[From Jaime Pressly, all grown up, By Choire Sicha, Los Angeles Times Nov 11, 2007.]


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