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  • Liv Tyler on Feeling Real

    Liv Tyler on Feeling Real

    In an issue of Interview magazine, director James Mangold and Liv Tyler had a stimulating conversation on many aspects of being a creative artist, on excellence in acting, and being vulnerable and authentic. James Mangold: “There are some actors who, when they feel insecure in a scene, will just turn up the volume or the […]

  • Actor's Privacy and The Dark Side of Fame

    Actor’s Privacy and The Dark Side of Fame

    “When you’re famous, you kind of run into human nature in a raw kind of way.” Marilyn Monroe Ayn Rand wrote a commentary in the Los Angeles Times, two weeks after Marilyn Monroe’s death on August 5, 1962. Referring to the “sordid and horrifying childhood of Monroe, Rand wrote: “To survive it and to preserve […]

  • Dealing with fame - or not

    Dealing with fame – or not

    Many other talented and acclaimed actors also reach a certain level of public recognition because of their work, and Jennifer Lawrence notes fame is “a dangerous topic” and comments about how assaultive and how much negative impact it can have: “I teeter on seeming ungrateful when I talk about this, but I’m kind of going […]

  • Amanda Bynes, Kyra Sedgwick, Anjelica Huston on motherhood

    Amanda Bynes, Kyra Sedgwick, Anjelica Huston on motherhood

    It can be a major decision to be a mother and still pursue a demanding life as an artist. On her Twitter profile, Amanda Bynes says: i want to be a mom but not til i’m 30 and even if i get married b4 then i still want to wait to have kids til long […]

  • Being Shy or Introverted and an Actor

    Being Shy or Introverted and an Actor

    Many dynamic actors, musicians and other performers report being shy as a child, or still as an adult. Some people call themselves shy – or are labeled that by journalists and others – even though they may really be introverted or highly sensitive. For more about these traits and how they differ from each other, […]

  • Emily Blunt on fate and stammering and acting

    Emily Blunt on fate and stammering and acting

    In her varied roles, Emily Blunt is often a strong presence, intriguing for her complex emotions and intelligence – sometimes not quite expressed, but showing in her eyes. With her new movie The Adjustment Bureau so much about fate, it is interesting to read some of her perspectives on what she was like earlier in […]

Character development – Rachel Weisz: “The actor’s job is to get into people’s skin.”

Rachel Weisz: If the woman is a bitch, and a sexy bitch, is there a way of finding humanity in that character? Mike Myers: The idea that they’re the hero of their own story. Rachel Weisz: Everyone walking around the planet is the hero of their own story. Mike Myers: And they can justify to […]

Acting for film – Michael Caine acting class videos

Video: Michael Caine on acting in film. Related book by Michael Caine – Acting in Film. More books on acting Related DVD: Acting in Film – An Actor’s Take on Movie Making – Michael Caine ~~ acting for film, acting performance, actor training, personal development for actors, acting books Originally posted 2006-11-29 18:12:00.

Hollywood competition – Amanda Peet: “There’s room for everybody”

Sometimes I feel competitive when I see somebody else in a movie that’s really beautiful and really big, or when I’m vying for a role and I can’t get in and it’s the usual suspects — Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Connelly, all great actresses. Then I feel like a loser and I get sad. […]

Acting and pain – Julie Christie on using pain as an artist

The photo is from Sarah Polley’s film Away From Her (2006), in which Julie Christie has been gaining much acclaim for her portrayal of a woman with Alzheimer’s disease. In an interview [some years ago], she talked about her work as an actor, and using dark or difficult human emotions and experiences. “I think there’s […]

Creative inspiration – Maggie Gyllenhaal on Ryan Gosling

Maggie Gyllenhaal commented about Ryan Gosling in ‘Half Nelson’ — “I thought that was an incredible performance. I was inspired by Ryan. When I was watching the movie, it made me want to act. It made me want to work.” [LATimes / The Envelope Jan 10 2007 theenvelope.latimes.com] See more dvd titles on the page […]

Ian McKellen on telling the truth so you don't sell your soul

Ian McKellen on telling the truth so you don’t sell your soul

Our personal identity – and how confident we are with it – can have a huge impact on our esteem and how fully we express our talents. Here are some quotes from the article: Ian McKellen reflects on ‘The Prisoner,’ Gandalf and gay rights, By Matea Gold, The Los Angeles Times. In his view, Hollywood […]

Ethnic stereotypes and identity

Chinese or Japanese? One of the controveries of “Memoirs of a Geisha” has been the casting of Chinese, rather than Japanese, actresses in principal roles, although director Rob Marshall has said the casting was based on talent. But portrayals – even of us WASPs – impact our identity. Native Americans are sometimes mistaken for Latinos […]

Gabrielle Anwar on isolation and pursuing interests other than acting

[Interviewer:] People do end up isolated on set. It is a very isolative environment. It forces a sense of autonomy, and I suppose, I think, I may thrive on that kind of loneliness! That’s the creature I am. Do you have any hobbies? I do spend quite a bit of time thinking. I do have […]

Heath Ledger on his nervous energy – acting and high sensitivity

“Brokeback Mountain” director Ang Lee was keen on teaching Heath Ledger how “to capture stillness” – one of [Ledger’s character Ennis] Del Mar’s signature traits – which was hard for Ledger, who can get twitchy. “Sometimes I find it hard sitting still, usually when I’m in the spotlight or even in rehearsal. My nervous energy […]

Acting passion – being proactive

Mainstream film/tv studios are considered a “boys’ club” with good reason: they usually make story and casting decisions based on adolescent male values [eg fast action, violence, t&a] – not exactly high spiritual or creative ideals. Casting often excludes and limits actors with talent. Indira Varma Indira Varma [“Bride & Prejudice” etc] notes in the […]

Actors charisma

Harry Dean Stanton – compelling authenticity “I play myself all the time… on camera and off. What else can I do?” Harry Dean Stanton [photo and quote from the HBO.com section for “Big Love”] Nicolas Cage thinks “Harry Dean exudes a spiritual awareness that’s steeped in deep sadness, and it’s so compelling to watch on […]

Roles with creative meaning can be emotionally crucial

Mare Winningham and Tennessee Williams Mare Winningham is playing Amanda in a stage production of Tennessee Williams’ classic ‘The Glass Menagerie’ at the Old Globe in San Diego. In an interview, she commented about how rare it has been to find such deep, complex roles. “Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but so often during the […]

Relationships and actors

Many talented people have difficulties in finding and keeping relationships that are meaningful and satisfying. Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson [photo: with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in “Match Point”] recently commented about particular challenges for actors: “I don’t think human beings are monogamous by nature. It’s difficult – you have to put a lot of effort into a […]

Building identity – Rashida Jones on the creative value of her mixed ethnicity

Rashida Jones plays Karen Filipelli on NBC’s The Office. The daughter of actor Peggy Lipton and musician Quincy Jones, she is biracial and also Jewish. A recent magazine article noted she is “Constantly told she looks too light to play African American, and rarely cast in period pieces” because, she explains, “people like me didn’t […]