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  • Winona Ryder on staying sane with so much attention and work

    Winona Ryder on staying sane with so much attention and work

    Winona Ryder has expressed a number of thoughtful comments and perspectives on being an actor, and the kinds of pressures affecting her life – and many other talented and sensitive artists. Here are some excerpts from an Interview magazine article. Stephen Mooallem: When you were younger did you ever get into one of those situations […]

  • Michelle Williams on Interpreting Marilyn Monroe

    Michelle Williams on Interpreting Marilyn Monroe

    Her portrayal of the icon is earning praise from many reviewers. Claudia Puig writes in USA TODAY that “While My Week With Marilyn is more an awestruck reverie than a revelatory biopic, it’s worth seeing for Williams’ bravura performance.” Roger Ebert thinks “The movie seems to be a fairly accurate re-creation of the making of […]

  • Vanessa Hudgens on striving to be strong and aware

    Vanessa Hudgens on striving to be strong and aware

    Like many actors who want to develop their talents, Vanessa Hudgens observes people – and also uses the experience for personal growth. She also develops her awareness through reading, such as the book The Four Agreements. Hudgens chose to act in “Sucker Punch” – and wear risqué costumes for the role – because she found […]

  • Jessica Chastain: "I'm not an actor to be a personality."

    Jessica Chastain: “I’m not an actor to be a personality.”

    Why choose to be an actor? Or pursue any form of creative expression? The answers help define our identity as a creative person, and fuel our motivation. Actor Ciarán Hinds recalled an armourer who spoke to him on the set of one of his sword-and-sandal epics: “He said, ‘Do you know what we call you […]

  • Kristen Johnston on overcoming her love affair with chemicals

    Kristen Johnston on overcoming her love affair with chemicals

    Kristen Johnston is one of my favorite actors. She reminds me of exuberant movie star ‘dames’ such as Rosalind Russell. But, like many talented people, she has used and abused drugs. A newspaper article says she was “propelled” into drug and substance abuse at an early age due to low self-esteem – not an uncommon […]

  • Creative Inspiration: The Art of Discovery book

    Creative Inspiration: The Art of Discovery book

    What experiences inspired you to pursue being an actor or other artist? This book is about those kinds of experiences. The Art of Discovery: Hollywood Stars Reveal Their Inspirations Edited by Robin Bronk, CEO of The Creative Coalition; photos by Jeff Vespa; designed by typographer and art director Nancy Rouemy. The book features one hundred […]

Keeping your integrity – Zooey Deschanel: being unique and not a babe

“I don’t think I’m very much like anyone else, really. I’m sure there are aspects of other actors that I share, but I don’t see anybody else and go, ‘Damn, they stole my thing.’ I’m me, and I like that there are people who have an appreciation for that.” … “I don’t want to be […]

Using your high sensitivity personality

Using your high sensitivity personality

Evan Rachel Wood says, “I used to not even be able to order pizza on the phone because I was just so shy.” She thinks acting allows so much to come out on-screen, “because that’s my time to let go in a safe place.” Scarlett Johansson has noted that sensitivity can have a dark side: […]

Acting passion – What is your calling?

A demanding career A number of actors advise pursuing this very demanding career only if you can’t feel right doing anything else. And a number of highly talented actors change direction into writing, producing or some other vocation. You need to be aware of what is really driving you. Maria Bello on  being of service […]

Actor resources – Cynthia Bain about teaching young actors

Cynthia Bain has been training young actors for 10 years and has established herself as one the premier coaches and performance consultants. Her students include some of the top young performers in film and television. In our interview, she addresses a number of questions, including : How important is it for your students to have […]

Mature actors – Felicity Huffman on becoming more of herself with age

Especially in such an ageist arena as entertainment, it is refreshing to hear some positive views on accepting, even embracing, our inevitable aging. Felicity Huffman thoughtfully expresses her perspectives on aging as an actor. [She stars in “Desperate Housewives” and the new film “Georgia Rule” (source of the photo) with Jane Fonda and Lindsay Lohan.] […]

Artistic confidence – Insecurity and acting

Kate Bosworth – always learning Kate Bosworth [photo from “Superman Returns”] thinks “all actors are insecure.. I certainly am… I think almost all artists are insecure. I don’t ever watch myself and think, ‘That was great, I hit it out of the park!’ Never… “One of the things I love most about this job is […]

Jackie Earle Haley & Kate Winslet: Self-esteem and identity and being an actor

Jackie Earle Haley on insecurity Jackie Earle Haley just achieved an Oscar nom for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in Todd Field’s “Little Children.” His reaction was enthusiastic: “Jubilation. Pure unbelievable joy. This is a day of all days.” Fellow “Children” nominee Kate Winslet recalled his audition for the director: “We […]

Artistic confidence – Embracing fear and discomfort as an actor

Out of the comfort zone Many people, maybe most, want to avoid anxiety, fear and other “stressful” feelings. Except for the occasional roller coaster ride. But talented actors (and other artists) often use those kinds of feelings to guide and energize their work. Julia Stiles [left] says she chooses projects based on “ways I need […]

Entertainment psychology – Portraying people’s depths

Daniel Dae Kim – avoiding stereotypes Daniel Dae Kim [photo from “Lost”] says that when he looks at a character to play, “I don’t necessarily look for his heroic qualities or his negative qualities. I am very aware of playing stereotypes and trying to stay away from those. “But I think that wanting to play […]

Use movies for personal growth – Golden Globe nominees to study on DVD

Terrence Howard – Hustle & Flow Rachel Weisz – The Constant Gardener Russell Crowe – Cinderella Man Matt Dillon – Crash Johnny Depp – Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Hugh Laurie – House Kiefer Sutherland – 24 > more acting videos / dvd ~~ use movies for personal growth, entertainment psychology Originally posted 2006-01-10 18:37:00.