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  • Ethan Hawke

    Ethan Hawke on using multiple talents and interests

    +-*“I think it’s my job to risk looking foolish. One of the things I’ve learned from the actors I’ve worked with is you don’t get something for nothing. If you don’t risk looking foolish, you’ll never do anything special.” Ethan Hawke Those quotes are from the article Ethan Hawke says ‘Daybreakers’ is no ‘Twilight': ‘It’s […]

  • Nicole Kidman on fame, and actors as highly sensitive people

    Nicole Kidman on fame, and actors as highly sensitive people

    +-*Jennifer Aniston: What attracts you to a project? What’s the key element that has to be there? Nicole Kidman: Usually something strange. It’s a little weird or offbeat or very uncomfortable. I have to be convinced to do things that are more mainstream. As a kid, I was always a bit, I suppose, darker. I […]

  • Amanda Bynes, Kyra Sedgwick, Anjelica Huston on motherhood

    Amanda Bynes, Kyra Sedgwick, Anjelica Huston on motherhood

    +-*It can be a major decision to be a mother and still pursue a demanding life as an artist. On her Twitter profile, Amanda Bynes says: i want to be a mom but not til i’m 30 and even if i get married b4 then i still want to wait to have kids til long […]

  • Bryce Dallas Howard on learning more fearlessness from her character

    Bryce Dallas Howard on learning more fearlessness from her character

    +-*Bryce Dallas Howard portrays the “unapologetic” Fisher Willow in The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, from a screenplay by Tennessee Williams. Howard says “The Hollywood scene, these parties, freak me out. I’ve never had a sip of alcohol in my life. I wasn’t interested in losing control. “There was alcoholism in my family, so I […]

  • Actors and creative polymathy: Mayim Bialik, James Franco and others

    Actors and creative polymathy: Mayim Bialik, James Franco and others

    +-*Actor Mayim Bialik earned her Ph.D. from UCLA in Neuroscience, and on “The Big Bang Theory” she plays Amy Farrah Fowler, a neurobiologist and “not-girlfriend” of physicist Sheldon Cooper. In a Los Angeles Times article, Bialik comments, “The first episode I did for them, the executive producer said, ‘Do you really have a PhD?’ I […]

  • Michelle Williams on Interpreting Marilyn Monroe

    Michelle Williams on Interpreting Marilyn Monroe

    +-*Her portrayal of the icon is earning praise from many reviewers. Claudia Puig writes in USA TODAY that “While My Week With Marilyn is more an awestruck reverie than a revelatory biopic, it’s worth seeing for Williams’ bravura performance.” Roger Ebert thinks “The movie seems to be a fairly accurate re-creation of the making of […]

Intuition – Laura Linney on the more mystical part of acting

+-*A flawed, messy character In her new film “The Savages,” written and directed by Tamara Jenkins, Laura Linney [imdb] plays Wendy Savage, an aspiring playwright and temp office worker. “She’s not a typical protagonist,” Linney says [in the article Anything but typical, by Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times, Nov 29, 2007]. “She lies, she cheats, […]

Multiple talents – Melora Hardin on “The Office” and her other creative projects

+-*Melora Hardin plays “Jan” on the tv series “The Office” and has roles in a number of film and tv projects. She sang as Fantine in “Les Miserables” at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this month; made her feature film directorial debut in 2007 with the movie “You,” and has produced two albums of her writing […]

Artistic confidence – Rex Lee likes being strange

+-*Rex Lee plays assistant Lloyd to a “rabid boss” – agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) on HBO’s hit series “Entourage.” In an article on Lee [Memoirs of a Gaysian, by Jessica Gelt, Los Angeles Times April 12, 2007] the author notes “Lloyd has become something of a pop icon — thanks in large part to […]

Androgyny and acting

+-*Maria Bello on playing with gender roles Maria Bello found her role in “A History of Violence” was “really sort of the supportive husband. She’s the man. She’s the A personality: aggressive, masculine – even the way she dresses. And I really felt she was in control and driving this family, and he was more […]

Celebrity and personal growth – Brooke Shields and Kate Winslet on fame

+-*Brooke Shields: My hope is that my kids won’t want to go into show business, just because of the heartache… I thrive on the experience of working. I don’t know myself any other way. [But] I’m not enamored by [fame]. I don’t covet it, the way someone who’s anonymous wants it, and then their life […]

James Franco on being a loner

+-*Comfortable being alone In an interview about “Tristan and Isolde,” James Franco commented about how acting relates to being someone who is more comfortable being alone. Question: You talked about being a loner when you were at school. How hard is it going from being a loner to putting that aside an being an actor […]

Gabrielle Anwar on isolation and pursuing interests other than acting

+-*[Interviewer:] People do end up isolated on set. It is a very isolative environment. It forces a sense of autonomy, and I suppose, I think, I may thrive on that kind of loneliness! That’s the creature I am. Do you have any hobbies? I do spend quite a bit of time thinking. I do have […]

Acting and image – The dark side of sexy photos

+-*Too embarassed to say ‘No’ Many actresses choose to promote themselves and their films through revealing and sexy magazine spreads. Much as we may enjoy them, for the “stars” of those sexy photos, it may not always be so positive. Jessica Biel [left] wrote a letter that appeared in the Jan. ’04 edition of Seventeen […]

Anxiety and acting – dealing with an ‘enemy of art’

+-*The enemy of art Commenting about her feelings this morning and her best-actress Oscar nomination for “Transamerica,” Felicity Huffman [left, as Bree in the film] said, “I woke up in fear and anxiety – which I know is the enemy of art, and in general.” [CNN Showbiz Tonight Feb 13 2006] Nicole Kidman admits, “Every […]

Acting life experience – Vera Farmiga: “What interests me, are the contradictions..”

+-*Speaking of her work in “The Departed” as an example, Vera Farmiga says, “Most of what I want to dwell on with all my characters, what interests me, are the contradictions, the inconsistencies of characters and the insecurity and confusion and fear which we all have.” With her ability to disappear into her roles, Farmiga […]

Creating a role – Taking your character home

+-*Kristen Bell Kristen Bell (“Veronica Mars”) noted recently how much of an impact acting can have on an actor: “It’s sort of a weird profession.. in that it manipulates your emotions. When you’re crying, you’re really crying. You’re not crying about anything you care about, but you still have the cry inside you, that feeling […]

Building identity – Hoon Lee: a black sheep because he was artistically inclined

+-*Emotions bring the abstract to life on stage Hoon Lee plays David Henry Hwang’s alter ego in the play “Yellow Face” (at The Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles). “There are large emotional outbursts in both acts,” Lee says, “and the biggest challenge is remaining open enough because I’m painting a character who’s not that likable. […]