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  • Actor's Privacy and The Dark Side of Fame

    Actor’s Privacy and The Dark Side of Fame

    “When you’re famous, you kind of run into human nature in a raw kind of way.” Marilyn Monroe Ayn Rand wrote a commentary in the Los Angeles Times, two weeks after Marilyn Monroe’s death on August 5, 1962. Referring to the “sordid and horrifying childhood of Monroe, Rand wrote: “To survive it and to preserve […]

  • Dealing with fame - or not

    Dealing with fame – or not

    Many other talented and acclaimed actors also reach a certain level of public recognition because of their work, and Jennifer Lawrence notes fame is “a dangerous topic” and comments about how assaultive and how much negative impact it can have: “I teeter on seeming ungrateful when I talk about this, but I’m kind of going […]

  • Amanda Bynes, Kyra Sedgwick, Anjelica Huston on motherhood

    Amanda Bynes, Kyra Sedgwick, Anjelica Huston on motherhood

    It can be a major decision to be a mother and still pursue a demanding life as an artist. On her Twitter profile, Amanda Bynes says: i want to be a mom but not til i’m 30 and even if i get married b4 then i still want to wait to have kids til long […]

  • Being Shy or Introverted and an Actor

    Being Shy or Introverted and an Actor

    Many dynamic actors, musicians and other performers report being shy as a child, or still as an adult. Some people call themselves shy – or are labeled that by journalists and others – even though they may really be introverted or highly sensitive. For more about these traits and how they differ from each other, […]

  • Emily Blunt on fate and stammering and acting

    Emily Blunt on fate and stammering and acting

    In her varied roles, Emily Blunt is often a strong presence, intriguing for her complex emotions and intelligence – sometimes not quite expressed, but showing in her eyes. With her new movie The Adjustment Bureau so much about fate, it is interesting to read some of her perspectives on what she was like earlier in […]

  • Ethan Hawke

    Ethan Hawke on using multiple talents and interests

    “I think it’s my job to risk looking foolish. One of the things I’ve learned from the actors I’ve worked with is you don’t get something for nothing. If you don’t risk looking foolish, you’ll never do anything special.” Ethan Hawke Those quotes are from the article Ethan Hawke says ‘Daybreakers’ is no ‘Twilight': ‘It’s […]

Acting and therapy – Exploring psyches

Therapy can help more than acting class “I’ve been going to therapy since I was twenty one. I think the more you know about your own psyche, the more you can know about other people’s, and can play them better.” Jennifer Jason Leigh [“Inside the Actors Studio” interview] Many other talented actors have used therapy […]

Samuel L. Jackson on pursuing excellence

Samuel L. Jackson on pursuing excellence

  “Art is the master, I am its slave!” – Samuel L. Jackson From article: Creative Inspiration: Books with Actor Quotes. Another article commented about his drive to be excellent: He is intensely disciplined and purposeful, a combination that has made him much in demand as an actor, though his perfectionism has its prickly side, […]

Summer Bishil on the emotional toll of “Towelhead”

A role that resonated Summer Bishil stars in “Towelhead,” about a Lebanese American girl’s coming of age in Texas during the first Iraq war. In an article about the film, Rachel Abramowitz notes Bishil was 18 when she played 13-year-old Jasira in the film directed by Alan Ball (“Six Feet Under,” “American Beauty”), based on […]

Acting passion – Austin Highsmith: wanting to act more than anything

A recent article by Lynn Smith in the Los Angeles Times described a journey that many committed actors experience. Here are some excerpts: Austin Highsmith finally landed her first big break as a guest star on CBS’ “Ghost Whisperer.” But as luck had it, her episode aired the same week the writers strike began. Hardly […]

Performance anxiety products – Deal with stage fright and insecurity to be a more powerful actor

Cherry Jones Cherry Jones [left], earned a Tony nomination for her acting in a stage production of A Moon for the Misbegotten [2002] but was “nearly paralyzed by a profound case of stage fright” according to a Time Out New York article. She said it was from “Living up to the greatest performance I have […]

Artistic confidence – Rex Lee likes being strange

Rex Lee plays assistant Lloyd to a “rabid boss” – agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) on HBO’s hit series “Entourage.” In an article on Lee [Memoirs of a Gaysian, by Jessica Gelt, Los Angeles Times April 12, 2007] the author notes “Lloyd has become something of a pop icon — thanks in large part to […]

Actors on building identity

Judi Dench claims not to be “good at my own company.” Rather, to understand her own identity she needs to be in the attentive gaze of others – as the psychologist D. W. Winnicott puts it, “When I look I am seen, so I exist.” Dench is clear on this point. “I need somebody to […]

Solo shows – acting life experience

According to a recent LA Times article there is “an explosion” of one-man and one-woman shows around town: 25 solo shows in 2003; last year, at least 54. “We like to hear personal intimate insights that we can connect to,” says Jean-Louis Rodrigue, who teaches theater at UCLA… Sandra Tsing Loh [photo] developed her solo […]

Compromising yourself – Ellen Page: I’d rather be shot in the foot

Ellen Page and Diablo Cody on taking risks Ellen Page, to “Juno” screenwriter Diablo Cody: You have to take risks and go against conventional wisdom and structure. What was that like. Diablo Cody: I guess I didn’t see the point of adding another conventional story to the pile; there are so many. I guess I […]

Celebrity rebels – Jaime Pressly on fame

Kept in a box “Too many people want to get rich and famous and do it quick,” Jaime Pressly said in a recent interview article. “To get anywhere you have to be focused, ambitious, headstrong and really, really want it. It won’t come on a silver platter, and it won’t last long… “I started [acting] […]

Artistic confidence – Kerry Washington on the power of silence

When I was substitute teaching in New York City public school…I kept getting offered full-time teaching jobs, and I kept going, wow, I could leave this acting thing and have benefits and a regular income, and (laugh) make a difference in the world, and feel good about my work. And not have to worry about […]